XtraSquishy Banned from r/Eve for Alleged Vote Manipulation on Meme Post

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The Meme Lord was banned from r/Eve earlier today.

Here are a few posts asking if the king of memes had indeed memed too hard?

XtraSquishy “I play games to have fun and i upload that stuff”

Yesterday, this hot meme dropped straight out of the oven and onto r/Eve:


Apparently it was well received, judging by the numbers. And that is where the allegations come in, the numbers on this post as shown above, are being called into question, the question is whether or not they are valid up-votes or some form of voter manipulation.

Today, XtraSquishy dropped this news via YouTube video:

” Today i got kicked from R/Eve “


The video depicts what appeared to be a message from the r/Eve moderators as seen here:

The note from the moderators states:

” Vote Manipulation is against Reddit TOS”

r/Eve moderators

Here you can see a close up of the vote number part of this specific post


I would like to be clear that I do not support voter fraud or manipulation,

If we are to convict this man of vote manipulation lets see the evidence put forth publicly, for all to see and confirm that the system is indeed operating as intended.

Until then the alleged charges against this u/xtra_squishy are yet to be proven.

Side note on r/Eve forum bans: Although some people on the r/Eve forums have stated they have been banned several times and they are still back on the forums posting, so maybe bans are something that happen all the time in r/Eve and this is just another example of soft bans.

This story is still pending additional information, from the subreddit mods, and from XtraSquishy himself, for now I leave this post open to additional updates which will go below.

To be continued…