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I was playing on a Samsung Galaxy S5 Black (Mobile Phone) that you can check out HERE* if you want to get one. *Note this is an Amazon Affiliate Link, if you buy anything from Amazon after clicking and going there I will get a small commission from the sale of said items.

Freeballing it: (This is the part where I write whatever I want to about the game. I may call it going commando in the future, these changes are pending, who knows 🙂 ) On second thought this should not even be in the article, but im so lazy that im going to leave it in, and write even more because im that laze, do you see speel check here? Do you see apostraphes? Exactly…

Keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times, and please do not feed the wild life,

welcome to the World of Tanks Blitz – Guided Review™

Start Screen from World of Tanks Blitz

From the Beginning

So you start the game by logging in and you get hit with the region select, of course I go with North America because Cali is where I raise hail from. (Make sure you pick whichever one looks greenish to you, you can tell by the circle next to the name, if its red then consider it dead. That’s an easy diddy to make sure you remember it.)

Region Selection Screen

After this you get to choose how to log in, I did the google play account with Google, depending on your platform you should choose the appropriate way to log in, so that it’s one click and fast, there is an automatic feature that automatically logs you in when you start the game, choose that one because you will be coming back for more, especially once you get the hang of the tactics, but more on that later.

Social Media Sign in Screen

Next you get to choose from the Seven different starting countries which will put you into the starter tank for either U.S.A., Germany, U.S.S.R., U.K., Japan, China, or France, be sure to note that the different starting tanks all have their own unique advantages and disadvantages and this information is displayed on the bottom of the screen. For example the U.S.A. M2 Light Tank is the fastest tier I tank and has uniform hull and turret armor, while Germany on the other hand has excellent view range and a turret placed in the front of the hull to allow for effective sniping. Choose wisely!

Tank Line Selection Screen Sorted by Country

Training Camp

Now it’s time for you to get your practice on at the Training Camp where you learn the basic skills required for battle. How to hold your device, and aim your turret are the first things you will learn, followed by tank movement which is particularly important later on while fighting your opponents on the battlefield, so make sure you know how to do this. Now you face your first enemy, take aim, and fire. Damn it feels good, keep shooting till that bastard is dead. Boom, you just got your first confirmed kill. Enemy destroyed! Great work, get used to that feeling, because there is plenty more where that came from!

Kill your first enemy tank!

So you move up to the ledge and you get your first taste of Sniper Mode. Sniper mode is what allows you to see across the battlefield to other enemy tanks and pick the exact spot on the enemy tank that you want to hit, this is important because different areas on the tank are either thick plated or weaker depending on what they are and where they are.

Sniper mode training

Typically the sides and rear are easier to penetrate as this example gives. By moving your tank over to the right flank you get your first taste of tactical field positioning that is ongoing within the game.

Side and rear armor examples in training

Attacking a moving enemy is a feature that allows for the mobile experience to be that much funner and really lets the player focus on where they want to shoot, instead of trying to hold a stable target on such a small screen, it also helps to even the playing field with cross platform PC players who would have an easier time aiming with a keyboard and mouse. Don’t think that assisted aiming means you will get a hit every time though, if the enemy is moving the cross hair where you will hit splits into two locations, one where you are aiming, and the other of where the shot will land depending on which direction the tank is moving. It is entirely possible to miss shots if both you and the enemy are moving, so you are going to want to make sure to stop and take aim whenever you can safely do so, but if you are in the middle of battle and being hit by multiple enemies then firing on the move is your best bet while you get your butt back to cover.

Shooting tanks on the move is much easier on mobile with this auto target, but you still need to adjust your aim or you can miss!

More on Terrain and cover later on. ( i dont think i get to it later on actually…if i ever figure out whats wrong with me ill let you know…) in short stay behind stuff so you dont take damage…

User Name ( why do i think this is a good thing to talk about, clearly i was very sick when I wrote this part…my apolagies)

Ok so you made it through basic training, now it’s time for you to make your username, the name all other players will see you as when in battle, so make it something original, and unique, and definitely not something like “F3ND1MUS_com”. Oh yeah you cannot use any special characters in this name, only letters digits or underscores which sucks, because I really wanted to have that dot.

Sidenote: Changing your name in WoT: Blitz MMO is a paid service, so once you make it your name you are going to have to pay in the future to change it, click here if you want to change your name in WoT: Blitz MMO;

You get to pick your infamous name at this point, make it count because you will be known by this name as long as you battle in tanks and to change it later in the future is a paid service!
Click here to change your name in World of Tanks Blitz MMO:

This is the part that connects to your social media account, for me it was Google Play Games, which I love because I have an account that is level 24 and you get achievements for playing the games that you already play anyways, so it’s a win win!

Make sure you select Turn on automatic sign-in at this time, and “don’t ask again” option to avoid this annoying screen in the future, yes they take your data, yes they have information, blah blah blah, the screen is annoying and i just want to blow some shit up, so less boring screens and more cool shit. Gogogo!

I checked the “Don’t ask again” box, and I never regretted it.

Welcome to Your Tank Garage

At this point, you see that you have to download some resources for the game which are all the tier I tanks, it’s a small quick download, and I love that they did it this way because you can choose to get right into the game and have small downloads as you need them, Thank you!

Small downloads allow you to play the game faster, by only downloading the parts of the game that are relevant to newer players, I would really like to see more games implement this as the industry standard, it gives the players less waiting time and allows them to get straight to the action, truly appreciated this feature.

A few words on the screen show you how to navigate the tank upgrade screen, really important to the gameplay as you will be using this screen on all your tanks to upgrade and move along to higher and higher tiers of tanks throughout your gameplay experience. I love the simple but effective design here and the new player experience so far has been a breeze. I don’t feel lost, the guided tutorial is clear, and it’s time to go into your first battle. Don’t worry if there is another small download going on, it didn’t  affect the game performance for me.

Research tank screen explained in the tutorial.

First Battle

It was late at night when I started my first battle, I had to wait 18 seconds to get a 5v5 match, that’s pretty damn good for off peak hours in my opinion, the player base is alive and well, later on I would go on to notice that during the daylight hours the wait times were even shorter, Amazin!

Short wait times, always good!

You get your first taste of game music here at the first battle, don’t worry about turning it off, it turns off on its own.

I actually was looking for how to turn off the music in the menu during this part, it turns off the music on it’s own as it gets to the final seconds before combat, another great feature!

The countdown begins, your heart should be racing at this point, it’s time to prove yourself in the arena! 

Clear Objectives = Great game design. Really fun to play, go kick some ass!

3,2,1, BATTLE!

This is the purest battle of my short time in game by far at the lower levels, nobody knows what they are doing, controls are still being gotten used to, you roll up clumsily to the battle line, and engage sniper mode, these Tier I tanks are fast! So of course all hell breaks loose, and you get enemy tanks flying across the battlefield straight towards your area of operation, take aim at the nearest enemy tank and fire. Just make sure you don’t try to hit someone going full speed side to side, you will definitely miss them, or put a huge lead on them because you guys are all really fast tanks at this point.

All hell breaks loose! This guy rushes across the middle of the map straight at our left flank! My turret cannot turn fast enough to track him, so I scan for other targets.

It should be noted that you have the choice in battle of rushing, camping, a hybrid strategy, going lone wolf, or riding with your teammates, typically the better teamwork will win the day, there is also an objective that is represented by a flag surrounded by a white circle line, capturing this objective can win the game if enough time is spent inside the circle, but on these smaller new player maps I would recommend practicing your aiming, and maneuvering your vehicle to be with your team, since anyone can shoot you in the circle and reset/lower the capture time, so as long as people are alive and attacking you it will be extremely difficult to capture the flag.

Another guy tries to rush our right flank, and I light him up! My two teammates push out of their position to get in on the kill! Absolute Carnage!

My first battle was intense. It was glorious, the real time battle and tactics that happened are something that makes this game really special in my opinion. The battlefield felt alive. It made me feel like the choices I made effected the outcome of the battle and directly contributed to the win for my team. 

Getting the final kill on my first round speaks to how intuitive the game design is, and how well the adaptation ported over to mobile, I was clumsy with the controls, but it wasn’t debilitating, the learning curve is very small for seasoned gamers.

Battle Results

After every battle you have the opportunity to see your Battle Results, which tells you if you won or lost and all the cool ribbons and medals you won during the battle, these are really bad ass, they have 3 tiers of ribbons colored silver, purple and gold, if you kick ass in a round for whatever the ribbon represents, like spotting vehicles or something, then at the results screen you can see these achievements, it also goes into your profile where you can see it with all your stats, by hovering over the ribbons you can read more about them, such as what it takes to unlock said ribbon or what the ribbon represents in game.

After battle report screen, get used to seeing this screen a lot, it will be one of the ways you track your progress throughout the game, also expect the numbers and ribbons to grow as you get better in the game.

Also shown on the after battle report screen is how much damage you did, how many tanks you destroyed, what experience and credits you earned, what tank you were in, whether you survived or not, the date, and time, the type of battle and map name, basically a lot of information.

And then you go back to the tank garage to do it all over again, rinse and repeat. Now I do have to say that unlocking all the upgrades on the tanks alone was enough to get me to go back to the game, but there is more stuff to do than that so let’s elaborate.

Back in the garage, tuning up my sweet ride, then straight back into the action, even though im downloading more files in the background, the game seems to not lag at all, what type of magic is this?!


When you unlock new guns for your tanks you are going to have to get new ammo, typically you will unlock the AP Armor-Piercing shells which are the basic ammo type for most guns according to the in game description, but the other option later on becomes the HE High Explosive Shells which I never used and I made  it to tier 5 or 6 tanks. 

Typical ammo screen

Gold Ammo. There I said it. The elephant in the room, is this game pay to win? Personally I don’t think so, but this is my first game review so it might be a little off so i’m going to put a little date here if for some reason in the future I need to update my review I will simply add on to this article, I see no need to change the past articles, but I will make it abundantly clear that an addition was added, and I will also just create a whole new article if it needs to change that much and change the post at the top to reflect something like [Outdated] or [Archived] something like that to make it better for everyone. (no idea why i wrote this paragraph, 10-20-2019)

The gold ammo can be purchased for in the game free player earned credits! YES! This kicks some serious ass! This as far as I know has always been the chief complaint amongst the players, the argument went something like this, 

Swap between in game silver, or premium gold currency to pay for Armor-Piercing Composite Rigid Ammo, No more excuses free players! jk I love you guys, but still, the option exists…

**Payballer: “ I kicked your ass srcrub!” 

**Free Player response: “Well yeah because you were using gold ammo you lil bit bit, i’m not gonna pay money to shoot bullets in a video game…”

**Sidenote: the above conversation was for educational purposes only, this was not based on any real conversations that ever have happened in the world, ever, it does not exist, it is fiction, a fabrication.

And so the unfair advantage went to paying players, and thus pay to win was born…but not anymore! Now you can unlock these features that cost real life currency for free with in game currency earned by all players during every battle, total game changer, now a free player can earn everything in battle, convert it over to premium stuff and compete even with pay ballers, at the highest levels, players even more incentives for their loyalty and their time, great game design guys!

Consumables, camofluge, there are crates to unlock from daily and weekly achievements, man I haven’t even scratched the surface, but you get the idea, so stop reading this and get out there on the battlefield, and get some!

I highly recommend that you download this one and check it out for yourself, you might find that you enjoy it very much, I know I did!

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