US Experts: Strike on North Korea Would Not Need Seoul’s OK

South Korea’s president says military action against North Korea’s nuclear and missile threats cannot be carried out on the Korean peninsula without his government’s consent, but former U.S. military commanders and analysts have a different reading of the situation. For weeks, tit-for-tat threats exchanged by U.S. President Donald Trump and the Kim Jong Un regime have… Continue reading “US Experts: Strike on North Korea Would Not Need Seoul’s OK”

Hackers Breach U.S.Voting Machines in 90 Minutes

Hackers were able to successfully breach the software of U.S. voting machines in less than two hours at a competition in Las Vegas. The event exposed glaring deficiencies in the security of U.S. voting infrastructure. According to the Register, the hackers at the DEF CON conference Friday were given voting machines, and competed to access them… Continue reading “Hackers Breach U.S.Voting Machines in 90 Minutes”

N. Korea fires ballistic missile

North Korea fired a ballistic missile Wednesday, South Korean military officials said, the first such launch in two months and just a week after the US slapped fresh sanctions on the hermit state and declared it a state sponsor of terrorism. The North has stoked international alarm over its banned nuclear missile program but before Tuesday… Continue reading “N. Korea fires ballistic missile”