Summary of DUNK DINKLE’s CSM Meeting Update – Week 24

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Article By Dunk Dinkle a Member of CSM 141

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DUNK DINKLE posted an update to his site regarding the CSM meeting on November 29, 2019 here is a summary:

The CSM spoke about the HyperNet Relay and the release of the CSM Summit minutes.

There were other general chats, detailed discussions, group discussions, brief discussions, introductions, and more discussions regarding various topics in game and with regards to CCP devs, but as DUNK DINKLE mentions, due to the confidentiality in nature of the development process and non- disclosure agreements the specific details of many discussions are vague or general. This is to be expected in this situation, but the work continues to be done behind the NDA screen which is a great thing for all Eve Online players. 

The notes are much appreciated DUNK DINKLE, thank you for the update.

Many thanks to CCP and the CSM for their continued efforts in keeping EVE ONLINE the greatest game of all time!

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