Summary of CCP EXPLORER’s No Downtime DEV-Blog Post

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No Downtime on Wednesday, December 4th 1

No Downtime Discussion Thread (DISCUSSION)

No Downtime Feedback Thread (FEEDBACK)

…”For the first time in more than six thousand days, there will be no downtime for Eve Online servers.”

…”This will be the first small step to evaluate what needs to be done for us to improve the EVE Online experience for players in different time zones around the world. Even a short downtime has an impact on your experience and to set the game up for yet another thriving decade then we must address that.” …


CCP EXPLORER does a good job explaining  why downtime is currently needed. 2

CCP EXPLORER goes on to explain why moving downtime doesn’t solve the problem. (This is a big part of the post, I won’t paste it all here, it’s far too much, just go read it.)

Finally we arrive at the only logical conclusion based on solid graphical evidence, the NO DOWNTIME Solution. Which explains the need for these first steps towards achieving this huge goal for EVE ONLINE. 3

Logical Conclusions. Graphs. Maths, Most likely. 4

Then it is explained that the best test parameters would be to keep the server size to as normal as possible for the normal day, to get accurate information. 5

Eve Online players on Twitter, doing what they do best.6

Also there was this video put out by CCP on the EVE ONLINE YouTube channel:

EVE Online – No Downtime Video.

Thank you CCP EXPLORER for the dev blog update, and Thank you to ALL CCP DEVS and employees for continuing to keep EVE ONLINE the greatest game ever created!



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    “First, let’s take a step back and look at the reasons why we have downtime in the first place:

    • We have excessive memory consumption and lack of clean-up in certain areas, and we don’t necessarily refresh cache since the daily reboot will take care of it all.
    • We still have daily database jobs that run during downtime.
    • There are certain things that must be done regularly, and it is most convenient to do them during startup when there are no players online.

    This is our dirty laundry. We have documented all the things we know that can go wrong. Then there are the things we don’t know about and testing is the only way to find out… “– CCP EXPLORER

  3. Quote: ” But honestly, then there is no ambition in moving downtime around. As I said at the beginning, the only real solution is no downtime.” – CCP EXPLORER
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  5. Quote: “I don’t want players to log in to try and break any online records. I really want as close to a typical Wednesday as possible. “ -CCP EXPLORER
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