PRICE ALERT: Potential Buy Signal as PLEX Prices Near 1 Year Low

Reading Time: 3 minutes

PLEX prices are reaching nearly 1 year low average price on the regional market located in THE FORGE. This presents a potential entry point into the market as new features are implemented coming December 10, with the Market update including the new ” HyperNet Relay” among other causes for the increased demand.

However, capsuleers are cautioned that due to several thousand bot accounts being permanently banned from the game, total ISK per month being spent to purchase PLEX has gone down, so the true bottom might still be a long way off.

However, Demand may remain strong as the hundreds and thousands of botting accounts attempt to re-enter the game to continue their ILLEGAL botting activities, so it is possible that we may see a massive uptick in the price of PLEX in the coming months.

Is this a perfect buying opportunity, or is it a bear trap? Time will tell.

Fly profitable.


Update to this article on 12-3-2019:

After thinking some more about the new HyperNet, and HyperCore demand, I believe that the DEMAND for Hypercores is going to be really high. Consequentially, I believe the price of PLEX will follow, as it takes PLEX to buy the HyperCores, mix this in with speculation, and I believe you have the perfect formula for a temporary MARKET MANIA during the beginning of the new HyperNet launch on December 10. With that being said, have publicly invested 1 BILLION ISK to purchase PLEX before this anticipated markert move, as proven by screen shot.


My reasoning for this is primarily as a method to BUY the HyperCores from the New Eden Store BEFORE the mania hits for several months after DECEMBER 10, I want to use the new market system to raffle off my BPO. So there is a practical use in my case, but for the speculator I don’t know much about speculation.

Below you can see the most recent market activity, clearly showing what appears to be extremely high VOLUME, with a bounce off tje yearlt bottom price for PLEX, leading me to believe the current PLEX market is OVERSOLD. I believe a market CORRECTION in the upward direction is LIKELY.