Pandemic Horde Fight Challenge, “Blues, neutrals, whatever… I’ll fight you.”

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Today cphinx issued a challenge on r/Eve to basically everyone who plays Eve Online.

Exhibit A

The fight will take place on Friday 10-25-2019 at 0200 in System LXQ [ LXQ2-T research shows its this particular system ] which is UTC time zone.

Here is a chart to figure out what time it is for you.

0200 game time?

of course this wouldn’t be an Eve post without the memes…

Someone from Goonswarm replies:

Initiative looks like they are coming,

I RSVP-ed but I honestly might not show up, depends on how Im feeling health wise.

Looks like its going to be a Royal Rumble, should be interesting, if you are interested in a big fight, be there Friday Night.

And finally we have the footage here:

Battle Report: