New Stinger Transitions for the LiveStream/videos

#shoutout to my man shounak10 making it happen over on, this new transition will make a good addition to the streams/videos.

Also note that there is a new credits end roll on my videos, so if you want to get in on that, hit me up at my PayPal, for now its any amount, but in the future when more people come along it will be the higher the bid the higher the placement, IE Highest bidder goes to the top.
** for 1 million free skill points and to see what the game is all about. #EVE ONLINE FOREVER!

Also note that if you play Eve Online you can send donation in ISK, in game currency to my main character F3ND1MUS to be apart of that since I play a lot of Eve Online.

The tiers for now are 10 bil, 5 bil , and 1 bil.