How To Tag People In YouTube Comments (Newest 2017)

After a long while struggling through the internet in an attempt to figure out how to tag people in YouTube Comments, and after trying several methods, then failing, I finally discovered the answer to my riddle…

ThioJoe said:

YouTube is in the process of disconnecting Google+ from YouTube, and one of the features that will not work any more is tagging with the + symbol.

 Yes you read this correct, it is currently not possible for people to tag other people using the two following methods:


  1. Writing + and the person’s YouTube name.
  2. Clicking on their google plus profile copying the user id and pasting that into the comments.


Both of the above mentioned methods no longer work, but never fear my friends, where there is a will there is a way! Read on!


The only known method that works at this time is to hit reply on a notification from your cell phone / mobile device as seen below.

This is how to tag people in YouTube video comments which requires the use of a mobile device at this time.

  1. With your mobile device, find the comment you want to reply to and click the comment icon.



2.  As you can see, the name of the original commenter automatically appears in the reply message.



3.  Add your reply to the comment.



4. Now click send, and you are on your way!

Happy Tagging!