Eve Online’s Hypernet Relay

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News Article  BY EVE DEVELOPMENT TEAM 2019-11-27

A new trade network has been announced by the Eve Dev Team called “The HyperNet Relay.” According to CCP:

” The HyperNet Relay is an enjoyable new method of selling items where almost anything can be traded at any time, from anywhere, and by anyone.”

Eve Online Dev Team

Right off the back I have to say I love it. I tried it out on the test server, and it is really cool, this is going to be super useful for people trying to sell those expensive hard to move contract items, but I will talk about that more later on in this article.

To begin using this new trade network after it is released live on December 10, 2019 you will have to buy a “HyperCore” either from the player run regional market for in game ISK, or from the New Eden Store for PLEX, PLEX is available in game via ISK, and it is available for purchase with real life money from the Eve Online Plex Store here:


At this point I will lightly mention that there has been some controversy by the player base who see CCP as hypocritical for bringing back a raffle system when in the past there were players who ran a raffle system among other activities that went on and it lead to possibly some bannings or being shut down by CCP. To me this is in the past, and if CCP wants to create a raffle system in their game, I’m all for it. More discussion and posts can be found both on Reddit and the EVE Online Official forums, links at the bottom of this article.

The amount of Hyper Cores required to start the raffle depends on the total value of the item you are trying to sale, the item must be a single item(no stacks) and it has to be started in “a normal station (not a structure)”.

This next part im just going to paste because I cannot explain it any better:

Any item being sold will be represented as a HyperNet Offer. These offers contain a series of HyperNodes that can be purchased individually or in bulk. The player will then set the number of corresponding HyperNodes that will be made available to interested parties and a price per HyperNode.

Once all the HyperNodes have been sold for any given offer, everyone will see which single HyperNode is selected at random and who subsequently receives the item. Even the purchase of HyperNodes will be visible to those viewing the HyperNet Relay, creating a social experience that occurs in real time. Any item that a player claims will be placed in their item hangar in the location where the offer was created, to be picked up at any time.

Eve Online Development Team

The new HyperNet Relay Network looks to be something that the game needs, the players requested, and it fills a critical niche the market has been lacking in… aka a way to sell stuff like corpses, bpc, t2 bpo, and rare ships, that is much better than the current contract system. So I welcome the new addition on December 10, and I say thank you to CCP for continuing to develop the greatest game ever created.


Extremely Laggy test footage of me in the Singularity test server where I check out this new system can be found here:

(Windows 10 Updates Strike Again!)


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