Eve Online: Wicked Creek, the journey to find action!

Reading Time: 3 minutes
In TZ-74M at a stargate about to jump through on my way to a TCU Timer in 5E-CMA.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so here are thousands of words worth of photos to show you how a story transpired.

A lava Planet in the ZS-PNI System.
LXQ2-T is always busy, best to avoid if you don’t want to run into this guy!
Do you know the way? Show me Dah way!
They say these timers are what people fight over out here in null-sec, but so far I haven’t seen it.
If you see this, you know you have problems…
unless you are immune!
the top left part of the screen has information that is pretty important out here, my current understanding is the higher the indexes, the more active they are, this isn’t that active…
Storm Planet in I-1QKL.
A better shot of the storm planet in I-1QKL .
Here is a different planet in 74-VZA.
This Ares hauls some serious ass, 12au warp speed, I am flying through systems really quick.
Flames of Freedom!
I am here early, but there might be a battle over this strategic objective, a Territorial Claim Unit as it is called.
Read about how TERRITORIAL CLAIM UNITS work here: https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Territorial_Claim_Unit

To be Continued…