Eve Online Raw Gameplay Footage Available to the Community For Free

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My idea was simple, gather as much raw footage as humanly possible to use in the future to tell the story of Eve Online from my perspective, a random player.

It started off that way but Eve is never that simple. Operational Security is always a consideration, and if you go around recording everything, some people stop talking to you, or even get really mad. In order to combat operational security concerns, the only option I had was to censor stuff, some videos have not been released, the infamous twerking for isk video for instance, or specific conversations regarding intelligence that have been given to me from specific people in alliances who have told me not to talk in public about their business, but they told me anyways because they wanted to make sure the events got recorded.

Those people who specifically ask me to not show them in my videos I do my best to cut out or not publish the videos all together. Thus you will notice some of my videos are out of order, or the sequential number in the series are missing, such as videos 546-549 would be missing for example, just for educational purposes, im not aware which specific videos are indeed missing, just saying…

So the operation is simple, and the goals are clear, 

#1 Get Healthy! Been going through some shit health wise, and im pushing through to get this work done.

#2 Preserve the history of Eve Online by documenting my perspective of what goes on from where I am, this includes chat from local or public channels, along with in game events, log in screens, new expansions, and player interactions by tagging along with other people, who do what they do, sometimes i will join them and do what they do as well, but other times, i will just be in the combat cameraman role.

If you check my profile in Eve Online the character named F3ND1MUS is my main, if there are any events which are significant I will post a medal to my public awards, along with a brief description of the event and a link to a youtube video depicting said event, also if possible a battle report showing the carnage.

In order to accomplish this, I will be delaying the release of certain footage by about 1 month, maybe 2, depending on what videos i have in backlog, currently I am about 60 days behind, I will then release a video about everyday to show what is going on in game.

The goals of this project are to preserve and document the players of Eve. The raw footage can be a little bit boring at times, but this is the only way I can ensure that I will be able to go back later and cut what I need for whatever i need it for.

The footage is available to the ENTIRE Eve Online Community as an archive of events and times in the game, and all of you can use these videos in whatever way you see fit. Feel free to leave a comment in the section below the videos if u want to see anything in particular.

Any other questions comments or concerns please hit up the youtube videos comments, or eve mail me in game at f3nd1mus, or twitter is an option, but i might not get back as fast on that.

If anyone wants to have a combat cameraman tag along let me know ill be more than happy to join in if I have the time.

With all this footage eventually I can create a documentary on Eve Online in general, it should be pretty kick ass.


I make youtube videos of Eve Online Gameplay, the Raw Footage is available to the community and is free for anyone to use no copyrights, no royalties, no attribution required, have fun.

The playlist can be found here:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhcxfEf5Q1ZeBCFZ6XwHocphE_pNCdJWq