Eve Online Launches Korean Localization at G-Star 2019 Event, Good News for the Asia-Pacific time zones

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The official Eve Online Twitter Account

There was an article released to the official Eve Online website which announced ” EVE KOREA IS NOW LIVE! “

The official news article from the Eve Online website, announcing the Korean localization process is complete and launched to the public.

In the article the full localization of Eve Online has been launched coinciding with the “enormous G-Star 2019 event in Korea to support this release.” CEO Hilmar V. Pétursson was stated to be at the event giving a presentation along with a selection of CCP Games developers attending the event attending G-Star 2019 to help with the promotion of this launch event for Eve Online.

Also mentioned in the article are “…opportunity for existing and prospective Korean Capsuleers, as well as all attendees of G-Star, to get hands-on experience with the Korean version of EVE Online, including opportunities to experience elements of the game that would not normally be immediately accessible to new players.”

This new addition of players should help to fill the Asia-Pacific time zones which according to CCP,” …players from Japan, Australia and New Zealand – will see a marked rise in activity and presence, which will naturally bring more content and excitement to the game at those times.”

And we all know that more content and more players should be pretty good news for all Eve Online players.

Here are some twitter photos taken from the event presumably by CEO Hilmar V. Pétursson and retweeted on the official Eve Online twitter page depicting the G-Star 2019 Event in Korea.

The caption reads ” Day two queues are even bigger. Lots of @EveOnline new player training going on at #GSTAR2019“- Hilmar V. Pétursson

Photo from Hilmar Veigar @HilmarVeigar CEO at @CCPGames , makers of @EVEOnline
, @EVEValkyrie, @EVEGunjack , @PlaySparc and lots of other cool stuff. Virtual World and Digital Economy enthusiast.
Photo from Hilmar Veigar @HilmarVeigar CEO at @CCPGames , makers of @EVEOnline
, @EVEValkyrie, @EVEGunjack , @PlaySparc and lots of other cool stuff. Virtual World and Digital Economy enthusiast.

As you can see it is a massive turnout for the event, and a huge showing off of Eve Online to the Korean Community, and I think this is another amazing job by the teams at CCP Games, subsidiary of Pearl Abyss. It should be noted that Pearl Abyss Acquired CCP Games in October 2018, and the CEO of Pearl Abyss Robin Jung, is on record stating:

CCP’s dedicated fans have nothing to worry about. No changes are coming at CCP and in its flagship game.

CEO of Pearl Abyss Robin Jung
Source: https://venturebeat.com/2018/09/06/ceo-robin-jung-tells-why-pearl-abyss-bought-eve-online-maker/

The hard work and dedication of both CCP Games and Pearl Abyss never ceases to amaze me, as far as gaming companies go, you can’t go wrong with CCP, they have always done good work and they are passionate about their game, the community, and the future work to sustain CCP Games Mission statement of ” Our mission is to create virtual worlds more meaningful than real life”, which will go nicely with the Pearl Abyss mission statement “To create the best MMOs in the world.”

I was wondering what kind of impact the G-Star 2019 event would have on the Eve Online, so I logged in and asked for the korean help channel, I quickly received the name ” korean ” which is the official Korean language channel in the game.

the official Korean language channel in EVE ONLINE

Logging into the korean chat MOTD [Message of the Day explained via UniWiki] displays this: [21:17:39] EVE System > Channel MOTD:

이브에 오신것을 환영합니다.
뉴비분들은 검색 엔진과 링크된 유저 블로그에서 충분히 글을 읽고 정보를 습득하고 오시면 이브 게임생활에 많은 도움이 됩니다.
채널에선 예의를 지켜주세요.

불법 현거래는 게임을 접는 지름길입니다.
오늘도 뿜없는 하루되세요.

Roughly transleted via google translate into this:

Welcome to Eve

Newbies will be able to help the life of the game by reading enough information and getting information from user blogs linked to search engines.

Please be polite on the channel.

Illegal current transactions are a shortcut to folding the game.

Have a great day today.

Korean language channel MOTD in game channel ” korean” Eve Online 2019
Korean language channel MOTD in game channel ” korean” Eve Online 2019

It should be noted that the above photos were taken at off hours, ie pacific time zone in the United States, but last night I captured some raw footage of Uitra, where there were over a hundred players in local presumably completing the beginner career agent missions.

144 other players in Uitra System.
Uitra is one of many solar systems with the Career Agents, part of EVE Online’s new player training.
For more information about Career Agents click here: https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Career_Agents
Presumably peak hours in the Asia-Pacific time zones

*Added after the article was initially published:

*The official Korean help channel is “Korean Help”

* The official Korean help channel is “Korean Help”

Below you can find the official Korean release of the Eve Online Gameplay and Birth of the Capsuleer trailers, which are in Korean of course!

For those of you who wish to immerse yourselves further in the Korean release of EVE Online, here are the Official Gameplay and Birth of the Capsuleer trailers in Korean!

EVE Development Team – EVE news
EVE Online – Gameplay Trailer
EVE Online – Birth of the Capsuleer

As with all my Eve Online work, the raw footage is public domain, use it for whatever purposes you wish, no royalties/copyrights/or credit required, as I mentioned in the pinned blogpost, it is for the preservation of eve history, for future historians, anyone looking to make EVE ONLINE content, feel free to use as much footage as you desire. Thank you for your time. o7

#760 EVE ONLINE – STATE WAR ACADEMY IN ULTRA, Korean Localization G-Star 2019 Effect? [RAW FOOTAGE]
Available as Public Domain Footage to help preserve the history of EVE ONLINE