It is extremely smokey here in northern california BECAUSE OF FOREST FIRES! one fire near Brookings Oregon has burned over 100 thousand acres! If you are experienceing this, and you dont have HVAC CENTRAL AIR CONDITIONING, never fear! All you need is the following:

[Note: Since so many people liked reading this I thought I would clean up the article and add in some links to make sure you know where to buy stuff if you want to purchase from amazon or walmart online.

ONE Cardboard box 18x18x24 from walmart they are only like $1.64

ONE 55 gallon garbage bag!

some tape

ONE air filter from walmart, make sure you get the one that filters out ” SMOG ” it will say right on the front. size that I got was 16x20x1.

and fold the box flaps inside all the way. tape down as appropirate.

cut the bottom of the trash bag off, and then put from inside box out and tape down.

Then tape the opening with strips of tape to make the opening less wide and stick to the front of the filter to hold filter in place… of the “future FILTER side” with tape to make sure that there are no gaps for your filter.

fold filter bottom about 1.5 inches so the filter can fit standing up inside box.

slide filter into place. bottom first…

finally place a FAN into the other side and now you have a $20 air purifier and these things work!

Here are a few pictures. They include the bad smoke images, and the box/filter in early stages of build and completed.