LeAnn Rimes shows off her kick-ass body in sexy photo shoot

leann rimes photo We all know that LeAnn Rimes is an incredible singer, but we can often forget that she is also quite the fitness buff. Until she reminds us again. RELATED: LeAnn Rimes’ heart is broken following the loss of a close friend Via an Instagram post on August 24, LeAnn celebrated Throwback Thursday with… Continue reading “LeAnn Rimes shows off her kick-ass body in sexy photo shoot”

Another Story The Media Won’t Tell You…

Posted with permission from The Dan Cirucci Blog – On Friday, President Donald J. Trump demonstrated his dedication to America’s heroes of tomorrow by announcing his second-quarter salary will be donated to the Department of Education. The funds will be used to host a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)-focused camp for students. This announcement is… Continue reading “Another Story The Media Won’t Tell You…”

Why Pam Anderson Says She Won’t Use Uber

Don’t expect Pamela Anderson to be using her fame to endorse Uber or any other app-based, ride-hailing service any time soon.

The former “Baywatch” beauty is out with a new public service announcement (PSA) called “The Driving Game!” that slams the ride-hailing industry. As an homage to the classic TV game show, “The Dating Game,” Anderson plays a passenger grilling three male contestants vying to drive her home, and — given the slew of Uber and Lyft drivers who’ve been accused of rape, murder, and other crimes across the country — you can understand why the two identified only as “Ride Hail App Drivers” come off as something akin to dates from hell.

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