California to allow autonomous cars without driver

California officials Wednesday unveiled new regulations that would allow autonomous vehicles to operate on state roads in test projects without a human operator. A revised regulation which could take effect in 2018 would eliminate a provision in an earlier draft that required “physical control by a natural person sitting in the vehicle’s driver’s seat” in any… Continue reading “California to allow autonomous cars without driver”

Totally driverless cars could be on California roads by June 2018

SAN FRANCISCO — Driverless cars — with nobody behind the wheel — could be on California roads and highways by June 2018. That doesn’t mean you’ll be able to buy a completely driverless car next year, or even hail a ride in one. The technology is still being developed. The driverless cars that may begin appearing… Continue reading “Totally driverless cars could be on California roads by June 2018”

Oculus unveils standalone virtual reality headset

Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday unveiled a new Oculus virtual reality headset untethered from computers as part of a vision to bring the new technology to the masses. Oculus Go headsets will be priced at $199 when they begin shipping early next year, Zuckerberg said during a keynote presentation at an annual developers conference in… Continue reading “Oculus unveils standalone virtual reality headset”

Flying Dutch win world solar car race in Australia

Dominant Dutch team “Nuon” Thursday won an epic 3,000-kilometre (1,860-mile) solar car race across Australia’s outback for the third-straight year in an innovative contest showcasing new vehicle technology. The World Solar Challenge, first run in 1987 and last held in 2015, began in the northern city of Darwin on Sunday morning with 41 competing cars, with… Continue reading “Flying Dutch win world solar car race in Australia”

Overcoming roadblocks, bitcoin takes flight again

Bitcoin may be in for a sustained record run as it overcomes key obstacles, experts said Thursday after the cryptocurrency set a new record high. Even bitcoin fans were plagued by doubts over the summer when Chinese regulators cracked down on exchanges trading the virtual currency and a dispute among developers gave birth to a new… Continue reading “Overcoming roadblocks, bitcoin takes flight again”