80 Billion ISK Titan killed by We Form Volta, The Imperium, Imperium Affiliates, BLOPSEC, Ehefkae, Wild-Cats

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Source: https://zkillboard.com/kill/79798415/

A skirmish between hundreds of players broke out today in DK0-N8, when a VENI VIDI VICI. Rorqual ( Capital Mining Ship) was caught by WE FORM V0LTA, ultimately leading to the jumping in of several capital ships and the death of a Leviathan Titan owned by The Stars of northern moon as seen in this killboard post: https://zkillboard.com/kill/79798415/.

A video of the event has since surfaced, and I post it below, with a special thank you to Mutafakaz of Russian Thunder Squad in WE FORM V0LTA Alliance, for bringing it to my attention.

****Video added 11-12-2019, thank you Mutafakaz for bringing this to my attention! o7

I spoke with : NonSenseS from Levy Guards of VENI VIDI VICI. and here is what he had to say:

VoLta catch our 长须鲸级[Rorqual ship link] somebody jump titan in there ,then volta 、init and goons`catch titan·····dead

NonSenseS from Levy Guards of VENI VIDI VICI.

**More Reports are pouring*** in, so I am adding this in now:

***(Credit to StarFleetCommander of V0LTA from WE FORM V0LTA for the correction here)

death joke Atild from Levy Guards of VENI VIDI VICI. contacted me regarding what occurred and here is his statement:

今天发生的事情,这样,我们 DK0-N8 有1个大鲸鱼被被抓了,我们立即组织了反收割,多米队伍,The Stars of northern moon 友军联系我们说,会组织无畏扫射敌对。我们在 4LNE开始组织多米队伍进场反收割。
常规崩盘时候,我们错误预估了敌对的实力,进了5-6个超期。最终 泰坦驾驶员作战经验比较少,错误进场,跃迁错误位置。被困,



Translated to English via Google Translate:

What happened today, so that we had a big whale caught in DK0-N8, we immediately organized the counter-harvesting, the Dome team, the Stars of northern moon friendly army contact us, will organize fearless shooting. We started organizing the Domi team to enter the field in 4LNE.
The Domi team entered the game, and the friendly flagship entered the scene. However, during the organization process, we found that there were too few net ships, and it was impossible to break the enemy ship defense and finally collapse. .
During the conventional crash, we miscalculated the hostile strength and entered 5-6 overdue. In the end, the Titan driver had less combat experience, entered the field incorrectly, and jumped to the wrong position. Trapped,

Finally, you saw Haha~

The above is the whole process.

death joke Atild

The Rorqual did end up getting away.

Here is what the map looks like in game during / after one of these big fights:

The system where most of the fighting took place.
4LNE -M is right next door to DK0-N8

A more detailed description of the fight can be found on Reddit here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/dtxka0/veni_vidi_vici_saves_rorqual_from_therabois/

The full battle report can be found here: https://zkillboard.com/related/30004207/201911091500/

But I did manage to fly in as soon as it was over and ask some questions and that footage is available for all to use for whatever purposes free, so check that video out here:

Raw Video of me flying around trying to get battle footage

Don’t forget to send fight tips to F3ND1MUS in game.

Also death joke Atild from Levy Guards of VENI VIDI VICI. wanted me to mention that they were recruiting, although there is some loss in the translation, I believe he wanted to pass on that message, but here are his exact words:

军团:勒维禁卫军 (EVE联合星际学院)
代号:G DL(我严重怀疑这个代号是在骂我)
一 , 十年专业新手教官从业经验。丰富全面的知识储备,高效完善的沟通模式,循序渐进的教学指导,几乎适用绝大多数非自闭症新手玩家(自闭症也没事,军团有专科心理医生)

translated to English via Google Translate:

Alliance: VVV
Legion: Levy Guards (EVE United Star Academy)
Code: G DL (I seriously suspect that this code is scolding me)
Resident: Cobalt Blue Drone Zone
Tax: 5%

Legion to serve for three months, the current waste to be happy.

Legion characteristics: unity and friendship, harmonious humor, atmosphere is excellent, the war damage to make up.

Why the rookie chose The Levy Guards:

1, ten years of professional novice instructor experience. Rich and comprehensive knowledge reserves, efficient and perfect communication model, step-by-step teaching guidance, almost applicable to the vast majority of non-autistic novice players (autism is ok, Legion has a specialist psychologist)

Second, the legion for all the new recruits to bear the loss of brush, (was killed, killed by strange, stupid, scared to death, as long as there is a km generated brush strange loss, are paid by the Legion) brush all belong to you, damage to the legion loss. (Currently the normal argument brush strange flagship of the repair of the idea)

Third, the game is varied, legionforr has a certain experience base for new players to provide such as vegetable, manufacturing, grave digging, death and other diverse professional guidance.

Four, the action unified, brush strange with you, wrong country with you, bragging with you, hit people with you, beaten also with you, with the common suffering of life and death brothers are not by shouting slogans.

V. Emergency assistance, the Legion has a special person responsible for monitoring the new loss situation, and once we find out that a brother has suffered a major game change that could cause him to lose confidence, our instructor will immediately contact him and provide him with comprehensive emergency assistance.

Sixth, tracking services, we will be new to the group of the new continuous attention and comprehensive guidance, until it can be barrier-free independent production and has not including salvage, including more than two ways of making money without cooperation.

Seven, sexual interest group, sprouting new if tired of the brush monster, we have pvp sex fun group hand-in-hand to teach you pvp
Eight, in the past, if you are a brother with a high sense of collective awareness and sense of responsibility, we will welcome you to join the Legion building team. Labor for the future of the Legion (self-respect for pleasure)

Why the old players chose the Levy Guards
One, C-bit out, the legion lack of special ship pilots, when the commander shouted, the brothers are alive and the absence of an interception. That’s when you call me an intercept, is there a C-bit appearance feeling. (Add, logistics, reconnaissance, reblocking, Black Hidden, FAX, probe boat, and even 1400 ponies have the same effect)

Second, point to Jiangshan, the whole army, including me on the situation of European service a blank, if you are a European service old oil bar, in the channel of the various forces such as a number of Jane when you are the brightest in everyone’s mind, more 2% chance of winning the favor of sister

Three, the strategy blank, this team is not yet Titan, if you are a Titan driver and bring their own Titan. That would immediately fill the strategic gap in the Legion. (This article will be invalidated in about 20 days but can increase the coverage period)

Fourth, open-up team, if you have served as alliance-level commanders, liaison officers or legion-level recruits, instructors, logistics officers, supply officers, commanders and has been in service for more than six months, we sincerely welcome you to join our management team, Experience a different start-up team.

Five, undercover 007, if you are labeled as an undercover agent in another force or suspected of being an intelligence officer, not accepted by your current forces, please join us, even if you are really undercover, we do not care, can press the team f1 undercover is good undercover

Joining the Regiment Requirements:

Joining the Legion requires all of the following requirements

First, it must be for Omega users (here to declare, not poor love rich, nor to encourage gold, but if you can not even spend the first half-price monthly card I think you should get a job first.) This question many people try to explain to me he does not spend a good reason, in fact, there is no need, you do not deceive me is meaningless, but you do not deceive yourself)

Second, it is necessary for non-high school students and the following students (especially high school students) but high school students can make an appointment in advance, the future entrance examination 985211 re-entry, with the admission notice to join the group has other benefits.

Third, must be able to use the computer crooked voice communication.

death joke Atild from Levy Guards of VENI VIDI VICI.