Trump Will Donate to Harvey Victims

UPDATED–The White House press secretary let it be known on Wednesday that President Donald Trump will “pledge proudly $1 million of his own personal money to help” Hurricane Harvey victims. Sarah Huckabee Sanders also said Trump has not yet decided which organizations to donate to, and said the president had instructed her to ask journalists which… Continue reading “Trump Will Donate to Harvey Victims”

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Trump should replace Fed Chair Janet Yellen in February

WASHINGTON, August 28, 2017 – In February 2014, President Obama nominated University of California–Berkeley Business and Economics professor Janet Yellen to chair the Federal Reserve System’s Board of Governors. Her four-year term expires February 3, 2018. Should President Trump re-nominate her? Most liberal economists give Yellen high marks for her performance so far. She has maintained… Continue reading “Trump should replace Fed Chair Janet Yellen in February”

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What will Angela Merkel’s legacy in Germany and abroad be?

CHARLOTTE, NC, August 28, 2017 – With German elections just a few weeks away, one question, regardless of the outcome, may be how history will judge Chancellor Angela Merkel. From one perspective it could be said that for the third time in the past 100 years, Germany has influenced global alliances to the extreme. Though the… Continue reading “What will Angela Merkel’s legacy in Germany and abroad be?”

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Even Fox News Viewers Are Stating To Despise Donald Trump

Donald Trump loves Fox News, and Fox News loves him back. But what about their viewers? According to a new poll, viewers of Fox News are beginning to despise President Trump, and his approval rating among loyal Fox viewers has fallen by 37% in the last few months. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains what that… Continue reading “Even Fox News Viewers Are Stating To Despise Donald Trump”

Article from WND

Pennsylvania Capitol, Harrisburg Authorities in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the state’s capital, are scratching their heads over what set off 51-year-old Ahmed Aminamin El-Mofty late Friday on an apparent shooting spree targeting police officers. The FBI is now investigating the attacks as terrorism-related. One policewoman, a state trooper, was wounded and El-Mofty, who had recently returned from the… Continue reading “Article from WND”

The Trump Family Swamp, Part 2

y EUGENE ROBINSON WASHINGTON – One of the biggest beneficiaries of the massive, slapdash tax bill that President Trump and Republican lawmakers celebrated at the White House on Wednesday will be, wait for it, President Trump. What a coincidence! The rest of Trump’s wealthy family will benefit lavishly as well, including his son-in-law and all-purpose adviser… Continue reading “The Trump Family Swamp, Part 2”

3 Stages Of Christmas Grief

You stop believing in Santa. Then what? Shirley Temple said, “I stopped believing in Santa Claus when I was six. Mother took me to see him in a department store and he asked for my autograph.” Another child performer, Donald Trump, who probably thought Christmas was a daily occurrence, certainly lost some faith in Santa during… Continue reading “3 Stages Of Christmas Grief”

Court ruling on ballot doesn’t jibe with Virginia guidance on voter intent

After the official recount, a three-judge panel in Virginia ruled that an uncounted ballot should instead be considered a vote for the Republican candidate. All three judges were “elected by a Republican-controlled legislature.” The panel’s decision created a tie in the state legislative contest between Democrat Shelly Simonds and Republican Del. David Yancey. According to the… Continue reading “Court ruling on ballot doesn’t jibe with Virginia guidance on voter intent”

Whoops! Paul Ryan Has ‘No Idea’ If GOP Tax Scam Will Bring Promised Growth

Having expended every pfennig of political capital he had to strong-arm through his pet F*ck The Middle Class and Kill Obamacare Act, Wisconsin’s own zombie-eyed granny starver (h/t Brother Charlie Pierce) shrugged and said he had no f*cking idea if this bill would actually do the one thing he swore on the lives of America’s children… Continue reading “Whoops! Paul Ryan Has ‘No Idea’ If GOP Tax Scam Will Bring Promised Growth”

Midday Open Thread – The Perfect Gift For GOP Is, Of Course, COAL

We’re getting to the end of the Christmas Season, and the end of the year, too. And the end of our video server fundraiser. We are SO close to hitting our goal, that I can safely say… …those of you who don’t pay for cable or even live streaming of news but depend on Crooks and… Continue reading “Midday Open Thread – The Perfect Gift For GOP Is, Of Course, COAL”