Kate Middleton, Prince William To Escort Prince George To School

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s son, Prince George, is going to school. On Tuesday, Kensington Palace confirmed that Prince George, 4, will be attending his first day of school at Thomas’s Battersea in London on Sept. 7. Prince William and Middleton will be present for their tot’s milestone and accompany him on his first day of… Continue reading “Kate Middleton, Prince William To Escort Prince George To School”

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Teenager Fatally Stabbed Classmate Because He ‘Liked The Idea Of Killing’

A Brazilian teenager stabbed one of his classmates to death Wednesday because he wanted to experience killing someone, reported Brazilian police. An unnamed 13-year-old male allegedly stabbed his classmate, Tamires Paula de Almeida, 14, while she waited for a lift in her apartment building Wednesday afternoon. Investigators said the incident occurred at around 1:00 p.m. He… Continue reading “Teenager Fatally Stabbed Classmate Because He ‘Liked The Idea Of Killing’”

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8 places you can learn to code for free!

The future of education is all about lifelong learning, but too many people don’t further their education after they get out of school. Now the beauty of the Internet can come to rescue with continuing education options that let you advance your existing career or even switch to a whole new one! Read more: 10 highest… Continue reading “8 places you can learn to code for free!”

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The best and worst states for teacher salaries

There’s no doubt that teachers are an important part of society and have tremendous influence on our children. But is the value and impact teachers have reflected in the amount they’re paid? How much are good teachers worth? Oklahoma has been in the news lately over the state’s education system, from the teacher panhandling for school… Continue reading “The best and worst states for teacher salaries”

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Kindergarten girl afraid she would turn into a boy after transgender lesson, mom says

A little girl who attends Rocklin Academy Gateway was “shaking and crying” about the thought that she would turn into a boy after she learned about transgender ideology and saw one of her male classmates present himself as a girl during a kindergarten class. In an interview with Fox News’ Martha MacCallum on Monday, the moms… Continue reading “Kindergarten girl afraid she would turn into a boy after transgender lesson, mom says”

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Universities Are Unpopular Because of the Ivy League

In the last two months, reports by both the Pew Research Center and Gallup show a distressing decline in the American public’s confidence in higher education. Media reports of skyrocketing tuition, students graduating with more than $100,000 of debt, bloated bureaucracies, and admissions processes skewed in favor of the wealthy have undermined the view of higher… Continue reading “Universities Are Unpopular Because of the Ivy League”

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Needy students receive brand-new backpacks

The high price of school backpacks and other supplies leave many parents unable to buy their children what they need for the school year. In addition, the trend to buy brand-name items has become stronger, placing even more pressure on the same families. Founded and run by hasidim from several different sects, the Even Yisrael foundation… Continue reading “Needy students receive brand-new backpacks”

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How Texas Schools Will Recover From Harvey

In much of Texas, the start of this school year won’t be remembered for the usual new clothes, first-day jitters or grinning teachers: It will be for the strong winds, torrential rains and deadly floods. Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath have devastated the Lone Star State, and its schools are no exception. Hundreds of districts were… Continue reading “How Texas Schools Will Recover From Harvey”

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Are new US tax benefits for Jewish day schools a good thing?

New law gives parents in some states the opportunity to save hundreds of dollars a year in tax breaks, but there are some caveats WASHINGTON (JTA) — When the new tax bill was signed into US law by President Donald Trump on December 22, an unexpected constituency benefited: parents who send their kids to Jewish day… Continue reading “Are new US tax benefits for Jewish day schools a good thing?”

Cholera Outbreak Delays 2018 School Calendar

Government has announced the 2018 school calendar will delay indefinitely after 50 deaths have been recorded countrywide following the outbreak of cholera. More than 2000 cases of cholera cases have been recorded countrywide. According to a joint statement by Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya and his education counterpart Dennis Wanchinga, the re-opening of schools countrywide has… Continue reading “Cholera Outbreak Delays 2018 School Calendar”