Cash-loving Japanese savers opt to play it safe

The Tokyo stock market might be riding two-decade highs, but a growing number of Japanese are choosing to stash their cash in the humble home safe, wary of negative interest rates in the bank and out of the view of eagle-eyed tax officials. It is no secret that Japan has some of the world’s biggest savers,… Continue reading “Cash-loving Japanese savers opt to play it safe”

Google, Citi And Goldman Sachs Invest In Blockchain

The buzz around blockchain technology is all about its potential to disrupt the status quo. But the truth is Silicon Valley and traditional finance giants are funding much of the white collar blockchain industry. The market research firm CB Insights recently released an investments report showing the past 12 months marked a record-breaking peak in corporate… Continue reading “Google, Citi And Goldman Sachs Invest In Blockchain”

George Soros transfers $18 bn to his foundation

American financier George Soros, 87, has transferred $18 billion to his foundation, which works to promote democracy, human rights and freedom of the press. The figure “reflects an ongoing process of asset transfer that has been underway for several years,” spokeswoman Laura Silber told AFP on Tuesday. Soros “plans to leave the vast majority of his… Continue reading “George Soros transfers $18 bn to his foundation”

Scandal-hit Nissan suspends production for Japan market

Nissan said Thursday it was suspending all production destined for the local market, as Japan’s number-two automaker grapples with a mounting inspection scandal that has already seen it recall some 1.2 million vehicles. The announcement comes weeks after the company admitted that staff without proper authorisation had conducted final inspections on some vehicles intended for the… Continue reading “Scandal-hit Nissan suspends production for Japan market”

SeaWorld cuts 350 positions across company

ORLANDO, Fla. — SeaWorld, which has struggled with declining attendance, announced Wednesday it is cutting 350 positions. The company is laying off people and not refilling open positions across the company. The cuts primarily affect its corporate headquarters and the parks in Orlando and San Diego, said spokeswoman Aimee Jeansonne-Becka. Becka said the cuts mostly affect… Continue reading “SeaWorld cuts 350 positions across company”